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OSHA Class III Asbestos Worker Initial

(Private course prices vary)


These courses are designed to meet the OSHA training requirements for workers who disturb asbestos in amounts that may be contained in no more than one waste bag or glovebag. They cover the Asbestos Awareness topics (health effects of asbestos, where asbestos is likely to be found in buildings, when it is dangerous, and how to avoid disturbing it), then add information about OSHA regulations and work practices related to disturbing small amounts of asbestos in the course of employees’ work. Air sampling, respirators, and additional safety practices are included. Depending on the work the student will conduct, this training may take between four and sixteen hours. For example, if the students are only going to remove small amounts of floor tile or drill holes in walls containing asbestos, the course may be four to six hours long. If, however, the student is expected to remove pipe insulation using the glovebag procedure or develop mini-enclosure systems to remove asbestos, the training may take sixteen hours.

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